Joseph Bradley Hill, born London 1996, is a freelance artist/composer and founder/host of the nomadic series of live intermedia events called Late Works. Joseph also hosts their monthly radio show on Resonance Extra, where he has created a modular recording setup aiming to encompass the various traditional trios, quartets and quintets through permutation of instrument.

At Late Works most recent event, Joseph brought together 26 musicians in 6 groups (including 2019 Mercury Prize nominees Black Midi) to record an album using 6 sculptures. The record will shortly be released in the coming months on vinyl and digital. Joseph's work is rooted in ideas of interpretation, permutation, participation, improvisation and communication: how people experience the same thing completely differently, and the infinite (or finite) ways of doing “the same thing”.

Creating inter-disciplinary situations for musicians to interpret artworks is one of the main passions within Joseph's practice and so this presents a wonderful opportunity to create something in response to a piece in the Tate collection!

Thankyou for taking the time to read this biography.